First Team Site Visit (Fall 2010)

One of the first weeks from October the “Pre-dB” class and other interested students headed out to see the site for the first time. We were given a tour by a couple of the farmer families. Though the weather wasn’t perfect the site still seemed a beautiful place. It became apparent very soon that a huge amount of effort had been put into the land by the Small Farmers Project in just a few years of having been there.

It was also understandable why the SFP was in need of a new structure. Currently on their site the “program” of their efforts is spread all over; an existing tool shed, a table area for working, a separate shelter for selling a covered sink for washing, scattered tables (and a trampoline for the kids).

The farmers were looking for a way to consolidate all of this, and in a meaningful way due to the fact that within a few years they may all be forced to move to a new location due to their lease of the land. We were left with the question: how do we take all of this effort, time, experience, relationship with the land, community, and integrate a new structure into it that can record and transplant their collective when they move?


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