Schematic Approval!

After spending all of this time showing the farmers glossy images and beautiful models, we realized that we were showing too much for them to make a fundamental decision on the layout and massing itself. Here we simplified the models as much as possible, even removing the roof. In this way we were able to make an aesthetically unbiased decision and move forward. Highly recommended!

The winning scheme! The cooler is brought to the “front” creating a back area with the selling area now more on the side. The tractor shed has continuous access from one side to another. This scheme when presented to the farmers actually had the cooler towards the back, though after a little ripping of chip board was put right. Hugs and kisses took place once the design was solidified!

A prominent scheme up until the meeting, here the cooler was separate from the building allowing a covered walkway between the selling stand/cooler area and the tractor shed.

This scheme was attractive because of how simple and flexible the outdoor area was, with a strong connection right into the tractor shed/work area. In this case the cooler was placed in the back of the tractor area removing the back door. The farmers got worried they might crash into the cooler though when backing up. Which is no good.


One response to “Schematic Approval!

  1. This is looking great!
    Thanks for the feed.

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