Midterm Review

Here are some shots from our midterm review with Howard Davis and Diego Urutia. For the first time since fall term we had to present in a formal manner, in this case at the top of the Lawrence main stair. People were able to stop by and take a look as we discussed with the professors.

This was somewhat of a turning point for the project. While we had been debating back and forth and had settled on this form for the building, we had as of yet to really dive into that much detail. There was general understanding of the way the building behaved structurally but as was pointed out by the reviewers, what we had so far was not that efficient or imaginative. For something that was meant to be deconstructable, the building acted in a very permanent way. We were challenged by multiple reviews to think through our methods again to see how this structure could act simply and efficiently with the beauty and clarity derived from that. Heavy.


One response to “Midterm Review

  1. Great little building. Felicitaciones!
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