Here it is. The beautifully simple plan. It might not look like much at first, however to get here hours were spent considering the program, from large to small scale, construction methods, spatial implications, site implications etc. This plan alone had at least 1o other variants. Because of how much explicit and implicit program is packed into such a small structure, the introduction of a simple column can have significant effects, especially when structural clarity is considered. From here the roof could finally be determined!

Since dimensions aren’t on the drawing, here’s the rundown. The bays from left to right are 6′ wide each adding up to 18′ total. The bays from top to bottom are 14′ – 8′ – 12′ from left to right totaling 34′. Thats 612 sqft of covered area! WOAH!!! 


One response to “THE PLAN

  1. Is it possible to draw such explicit drawings and assembly diagrams that dimensions aren’t needed? Can this whole thing be modeled and drawn as a series of exploded axons? And explained as a kit of parts? Just a thought provoking idea as you turn from conceptual development to drawing to build from. (you will probably need some dimensions- but traditional construction documents? – use the technology available)

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