The Mockup!

The Mockup! Here it is in all of its glory before the final review. We chose to produce the northern most 3′ by 18′ bay. The crown of the roof reaches 16′, which is of note, because the ceiling of the room we built in is exactly 16′ as well. We knocked out a roof panel: take a look at picture number three. While the scale of the project was exciting, the most incredible aspect was actually seeing these details in full scale, real materials right in front of us. Through the construction of this mockup we were able to make decisions based in the reality of the moment. We were able to answer fundamental questions that would have surfaced much later and in troublesome time frames. After completing this, we were able to address almost all of the questions raised about its construction and deconstruction in a knowledgable way. It was our first taste of the “build” in design-build, preparing us for the construction season to come.


One response to “The Mockup!

  1. This looks great! I’m excited to see the finished project.

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