During the week, the team tries to fit in any prefabrication and other off-site work. One Wednesday, a few of us had the privilege of working with Jeremy Covert, the studio technician at the UO sculpture studio, to weld our steel plates. We are incredibly grateful to Jeremy for donating his time and skills to the project.

Our charge was to work on our T-plates for the column-to-beam connection. They needed to be sandblasted for rust, welded into the T-shape, and then ground smooth after the weld. Once we got an assembly line running, we got through them pretty quickly. Jeremy did the welding for us and even let us try a little — it’s not every day that you get to see 1/2 inch steel being welded, let alone to try it yourself. Definitely an awesome experience.


One response to “Welding

  1. All the pictures are amazing!!! Y’all look like such amazing builders!

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