A Barn-Raising (Part 1)

At long last, it was time to begin bringing the structure of the building up! With all the wood sanded and stained, we took the columns, beams, and T-plates out to the site and commenced with our very own Barn-Raising. The columns bolted to the beams with the T-plates, creating bents of two columns and a beam that we then tilted up, lifted, and bolted to the footings.

This was possibly one of the most exciting build days we’ve had yet because it allowed us to really envision the space inside the shed-to-be. By the end of the build day, the tractor shed part of the building’s structure was completely up. Since it stood alone, it wasn’t totally plumb, so when we took the final photo of the day, we made sure to stand at various angles to downplay this — check out the featured picture above. Is it working? Anyway, putting up columns for the first time made us think a little more realistically about lateral bracing, which is the next big design challenge ahead as the structure comes together.


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