Jumping Jack

One of the activities that took place in tandem with our prefab-extravaganza was the tamping of the gravel fill. We rented a jumping jack tamper to get the job done. Here are some photos of the second round of gravel delivery — this time some 3/8 minus (finer) gravel for the top layer of the fill — and the tamping process: shovel, water, tamp, repeat. The jumping jack was a little feisty at first, but some of our team members succeeded in taming it.
There were a couple of kinks to sort out with the fill. For example, the slope leading up to the top of the fill was too steep for a time, so we remedied that with some additional gravel. Also, we were a little concerned that a tractor’s tires might not have much purchase on the surface of the fill, but the jumping jack created a surface that seems quite sturdy enough.

Now, you may ask yourself: why does this tractor shed needs to be placed on a plateau of gravel? The reason is that our site is in A zone floodplain, and the gravel fill is necessary to get us above the base flood elevation. Since our structure is defined as an Agricultural Building, it does not require a building permit. However, by law, agricultural buildings cannot be built in a floodplain. Therefore, in order to avoid having to undergo a costly permitting process, we decided to place the structure on a layer of gravel that saves our client a lot of money by allowing us to call the structure an Ag building. The permitting situation for our structure took some time to figure out, but we have it pinned down now, and the necessary forms are underway at the Lane County offices.


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