Shop Time

Over the course of Weeks 5 through 7 of the term, the team spent a lot of time in the designBridge shop. This has been a part of the plan since the early stages of the project, and it is one merit of making the shed deconstructable: the prefabrication can be done close to home and indoors, and whenever we have time to work on it. During this time, we pre-drilled all the bolt holes in our columns and beams, and sanded and then carefully brushed two coats of water-based stain onto each piece of wood to be used in the tractor shed. It was long work, but the Beacon Design Team does everything as a family — which guarantees that every task is enjoyable.

In the meanwhile, all of the steel plates were marked, sandblasted, and then galvanized. They needed to be marked, as did the columns and beams, in order to guarantee the best measure of accuracy we can by pairing each column with a specific plate and pairing the 2×10 beams. When we actually put the structure up on site, we hoped to get it as close to plumb as possible on the first try. The majority of the wood was all ready to go by Friday, May 13th, in time for our first weekend actually attempting to put the building together on site.


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