Monthly Archives: August 2011

Progress Made!

The summer isn’t quite over and serious progress has been made since the end of spring term. Purlins, facia, cross bracing, planks and roofing have all been put into place with the help by many hands, including endless staining and sanding. We’ve been working hard, and its great to have as varied a group of people take part in the building of the structure. In the next few weeks doors and other necessaries will be added as well, all in time for the October 8th Ribbon Cutting. Save the date and come take a look at the finished building.

As usual we learned as we went, discovering the correct and incorrect ways to tackle a situation. We learned from past decisions that made our lives easier and more difficult in the present. In the end its all coming together. The farmers are ready to move in (have been most of the summer) and we’re almost ready to let them. A bit more work and this building while finally be theirs. Below is a quick chronology of the past few weeks.

Many thanks to everyone who has come out this summer to help, anywhere from minutes to days. Its been fantastic to walk around and see the handiwork of so many people all for one project.

And just for the heck of it, here’s  a reminder comparison of our late night 1/2″ cardboard model from way back in February with the structure we’ve delivered.

Not bad, not bad…

This is a great example of what we as students see when we look out at the profession: a model or rendering, and then boom: building! Just like that. Concepts that roll over easily into a real building. Most remarkable about this experience is all the has taken place before either of these images, all that took place between them, and all that will take place after. We have learned of the massive amounts of time, decision making, detail and creativity necessary to truly take a design from the rickety cardboard model, the scheme and concept all the way through to an actual physical manifestation. We have built what he have drawn; an experience that will undoubtedly inform out perspective and process with every project we move on to.